Welcome to Sound Vision Studio
The digital art-house
of Artist Rachael Linton.
For over 12 years, Rachael Linton showcased her artistic endeavors through Sound Vision Studio's website. Now, Linton has launched a new website dedicated exclusively to her mesmerising cymatics art.
For a seamless transition, 
NEW! Official Artist Website

Explore the art collection featuring Linton's available artworks and past creations. From original paintings embellished with precious metal leaf to stunning prints, this website offers a glimpse into Linton's diverse artistic repertoire.
Delve into the profound exploration of
Cymatics sound resonance 
and the cosmic essence of the universe, embodied in Linton's art. The 'Retrospective Art section' presents works spanning from 2008 to 2024, providing insight into Linton's kinetic art installation evolution over the years.

Gold leaf Gilding website:
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