Rachael Linton is a New Zealand born artist and British citizen living in London.
In 2008 Linton established Sound Vision Studio as the creative art-house umbrella for her artistic endeavors. The current that flows between all her work swims in the realms of frequency, resonance, vibration, and the interaction of two vibrating frequencies, to make one, third unknown frequency...which may or maynot have or mystical, healing or medicinal properties. Rachael works on deciphering this theory through art, interested especially at frequencies that interact with our human bio-electric frequencies. she uses both digital towards and analog sounds, sine wave tones, acoustic gongs, the voice and even the human heart. Through video, animation, paintings, audio, VR and holograprams her work illuminates the senses, for your mind, eyes and ears, for medicine, growth and illumination. 
Multimedia Artist: Digital video, 3D animation, coloured light & sound the artist plays with
Precious metals: - GOLD, silver and copper to explore how those frequencies combine with
Cymatics: - Sound made visible to create harmonic patterns and wonderful cosmic landscapes. 

Rachael has a Masters in Digital Design (2008) from Massey University in Wellington, NZ.
Since arriving in the UK in 2012 she has exhibited her kinetic sculptures at shows throughout the UK including the Kinetica Art Fair, Mind Body Spirit London, and Brighton Digital Festival.
Linton has been creating artwork with the aim of being therapeutic for the last 10 years.
Her digital art and kinetic sculptures are designed for spaces where healing and therapy are encouraged. She works between the concepts of harmony and chaos to achieve the same reactions in the viewer. Radiance and illumination are also themes she strives to convey through her art. Participants have reported deep healing experiences and sub-conscious recollections after participating in Rachael's immersive art.
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