Acoustic Alchemy series 2021  - Originals All SOLD. 
Abstract, intuitive works using sound from digital tone generators, the voice, and other instruments,
create the visual form of sound. I value improvisation and intuitive painting, which allows an aspect of the unconscious and numinous, a state of cosmic consciousness, the infinite and forces of nature, to enter my work. I draw on my training in verre eglomise (glass gilding) and restoration gilding techniques to build my method for solidifying cymatics onto both glass and wooden panel paintings. Fine art pigments, genuine gold powders and precious metal leaf both conduct electricity and bounce light off the painting, into the room and into your body. The paintings are something to meditate on, to spend time with and so see if they transport you to another realm of consciousness. These paintings are especially suited to rooms where wellbeing, therapy,
and meditation are a focus, the precious metals and 'mandala like' images bring a clear,
focused, and energised frequency into the space.
Cosmic Time series 2020-2021 - Originals All SOLD.
(Framed in white gold water gilt frames).

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