Trick i-ey’e
Rachael Linton

This exhibition by Rachael Linton titled: 'Trick i-ey’e' was ehibitied at the TSB Bank wallace arts trust in 2012. In it the artist explores how visual imagery and sound may be used as therapy through film. Initial concepts were developed in the 18 min film ‘Sound Vision’ (see book, back wall) which introduces the physical and psychological effects of colour, light and sound vibration on the human being, mind and energy field. 
 She conducted experiments to create imagery that produces both calming and stimulating responses in the viewer. The aim of her art: to tune people's bio-electric fields back to harmonious balance. Her footage includes cymatics (sound made visible), twirling dancers, flickering lights, moving colors and geometric patterns with harmonious vocal sounds and synthesized sounds.  As the viewer meditates on the spinning and moving digital imagery, altered states may be exmperienced and the users are encouraged to tap into their capacity for self-healing.

In this Audio-Visual exhibition, Linton draws parallels between space, time, action, perception and intention. According to the ancient Hindu healing practice, ‘Tattwa Shudi’ primal shapes represent 5 basic elements that exist in our bodies. It is their belief that if these elemental forms exist in balanced proportion one will experience the perfect state of health. In Turning Phenomena, Linton reintroduced this ancient concept into the artworks which can be tuned to either speed up or slow frequency according to the viewer’s desire. The Square form is made of 24 karat Gold, the Vesica Pisces form is pure silver and the Triangle is inlaid copper. The energetic properties of these pure metals may act therapeutically upon the body, mind, and spirit through resonance energy transfer. As you tune the speed of the spinning paintings you alter the vibrational frequency of the picture’s elemental form which may cause a subtle frequency response in your own bio-electromagnetic field – your aura.
You are encouraged to interact with the work Turning Phenomena by viewing the spinning artworks on-screen through your digital camera or mobile phone. In normal or video mode the frame rate of the device capture will align with a particular turning speed of the artwork - compare this with your own visual and non-visual conceptions of the artwork – see if you can locate the harmonic which will create the illusion that the painting has stopped on your screen.
The 15 min short films Red and Blue balance the properties associated with each colour - Red as stimulating, feminine and fast; Blue as calming, masculine and slow. The cymatic imagery was created by toning pure sound from a frequency generator and filmed through a pool of water. It is Linton’s belief that this enchanting geometric imagery has the potential of having a healing effect upon the viewer. The true physical, psychological and spiritual impact of the artwork is yet to be ascertained. Bio-electromagnetic testing such as EEG, heart, breath, temperature and light emission data are required to develop this work. Linton hopes that through continuing research and development of her ideas she may reveal ‘film therapy formulas’ capable of re-tuning human ailments by balancing the physical, psychological and spiritual systems.

- Rachael Linton MDes, 2012

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